Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to where I started...

Waiting for my rocket to come...

I really can't imagine, how a pea-brain can cause tons of damage and make more than enough surprises a lifetime can offer. So yeah, i never thought it would come across me again, it's like eating a peach that is not yet ripe, it will taste so phucking bad that you don't want to have a taste of that ever again.

It's the 53rd day of my 232-day journey to nowhere and i somehow see a light to where i am supposed to be. you know, if you have killed someone 10 years ago, you would still be reminded of something you did a decade ago and somewhat surrender to the cops because it is killing you. Nostalgic in a way, but justice just have to make it's way through, one way or the other. that faith means to believe that all things will go to its rightful place.

In finding myself, i got more lost, it's like finding you way up a river, then ended up swimming in the middle of the ocean. God really has many ways to make you learn, but if this is not really a part of his plan for me, I'd be so pissed.

Me writing in a rude manner may have been a result of not riding my bike for 3 days now. anyway, off i go, have to take some trip picture for keeps.