Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 87... it's getting deeper.

Very deep...

The darkness somehow gave out new light that made things more clear for me. I still had the same issues dealing with the intro of the song, and tend to keep it that way until I'm fulfilled.

" It's the 53rd day of my 232-day journey to nowhere and i somehow see a light to where i am supposed to be "

This time things are getting brighter and shapes are getting visible. I'm starting to realize what is the essence of being wrong in the right time and being right at the wrong time. It really sets the balance between faith and dedication. Faith that you can do good with your best, dedication that you know you get to do it again tomorrow, better, the day after that.

Being in-love is one thing, staying in-love is another. Much like your passion for sport, i love mountain biking, and i climb the same mountain everyday. Sometimes, seeing the same stuff, doing the same thing is boring, but looking at the results of that makes me go back out tomorrow and do it again.

A relationship is much like mountain biking on a new mountain. You start slow with a low gear, then work your way up to the peak for a few runs. Few stops are needed to catch your breath, some rest, massage and some water. Once you get used to that mountain, you rather move to a higher gear instead of moving to another mountain for another challenge since you already know the way and the mood of the path.

You just have to find new ways to make it work and not find another. You may also go for another trail, but still you are in the same mountain, all pointing out to leaving your comfort zone but not leaving the mountain.

Question is why? Well here are some thoughts:

You respect the wrath of nature.
You know the road well.
If a storm comes, you know the limit of the trail.
Better priced success when you reach the peak.
You can have anyone ride along with you, and you still feel that the mountain was made for you.

- much like loving the place just because you need it, but needing the place because you love it.

Against all odds, not even a hail storm will prevent you from not riding your mountain, much like faith and dedication.

What is this phuck all about? go figure :) like what i said, random thoughts.