Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodbye March, I'm Looking forward to a new April.


Just a head's up on what's about to come. well, my life is never a surprise, but I'm proud about the small things I can do and do well.

So here's the masterplan:

1. LESS to no alcohol intake.
2. MORE sports, less diet.
3. MORE focus on personal responsibilities.
4. MORE for solutions and not problems.
5. LESS dedication to work and office.
6. MORE income.
7. LESS gastos!!!
8. ...

More or less, this is like a new-year's resolution. My December and January may have not been the best, but I'm making it my stepping stone to re-evaluate life in Jan , Feb and March. So here comes April, this may be my month, my time to shine one more time. Eitherway, others may be unhappy with what I do in life, but this is me, all me.

More to come this April.