Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random thought

Random thought.

love for many, have always been a dedication, a covenant; one of the hardest matter to create, and the easiest to break. It has always been the meaning of balance, that can tip the scale of a life, and a life's worth...

Love as what it seemed, is a mystery, that conquer all multitudes of sin and pain. That even if it inflicts pain, you keep asking for more, not caring how and why, you just have to have a piece of that. Everything starts somewhere, and ends somewhere most of the time, and having thoughts of fullfilment is just immortal. Loving can make a slave out of a king, moutains rumble to the ground, as well as put the seas on fire. It can challenge immortality and the sands of time, yet it is the simplest matter the work can ever offer.

To love is learning how to balance, too much love can tip the scale as much as too less love does. Loving is a responsibility and a privilage, yet it is both a blessing and a curse. It is a gamble that everyone plays, many looses, yet in the lose, everyone merges as a winner.

Better yet to have loved then lost, than never to have loved; like what I said, it is a privilage. Love is the true meaning of sacrifice, that there is no greater love than sacrifice and to love unconditionally, is the true meaning of sacrifice.

Monday, April 20, 2009

F - Y - Y - F - F

Yeah you!!!

Phuck You You Phucking Phuckers... at phucking last i can phucking say that with an open face ahahahaha.

well nothing much, fixya just welcomed me back. so expect another bum working hard for something important :)