Thursday, August 6, 2009


looking for answers within, that i don't even know what to look for.

things happen for sole reasons they are intended for.

same as why questions are asked, sole reason was to look for an answer...
embracing defeat to feel victory,
accepting bad things to feel the good one,
bleeding to remind you of a life that was given,
and like turning one's back at something to live its value.

my world started to spin back when the earth stopped an one point. it was marked by the death of Pope Heracleus, the Patriarch of Alexandria.

i started to realize why things are what they are, and how important it was to cherish both the good things and bad things in life. re-living the moment is useless if life's contentment only means a faked smile behind a breath full of misery.

i now have felt why i once lost and that finding the answer to a question within can only be answered by circumstances laid by God for a soul's benefit. and feel stronger for i stood for and for what i have planned.

i now feel the greatest difference of loving and being loved, that a heart must always be full of mutuality, not warm fuzzy feelings. that no matter what you do, at the end of the day, you are just another human.

i now have missed the good mornings after every good nights, and telling my self, it was all about something i had. that acceptance comes after saying the phrase what-if.

death is inevitable, irreversible, and most of all an opportunity. a chance to make the wrong things right, until one lie becomes the truth, that every glimpse make memories within, as always something new is seen to ponder on, to cherish.

after all, only then will one find an answer to an infinity of questions.