Saturday, September 13, 2008



A fresh start for my 24th year as a human being and get to join a team of top-notch technical support with world-class caliber when it comes to customer service.

Perimeter eSecurity is the only provider of complete security on demand, Perimeter makes security easily available and affordable for all businesses. Perimeter’s on demand security services protect thousands of computer networks nationwide, offering more than 50 different technologies on a subscription basis. With the proliferation of security threats and technologies, clients benefit from a single-source provider that offers all services through one pre-integrated platform and web portal.
Perimeter’s on demand services, which are offered both on a Network (in-the-cloud) and CPE basis, are continuously expanded, enhanced and upgraded for current and future regulatory compliance. With seven geographically distributed technical offices and three redundant data centers, Perimeter's complete, on demand and affordable security services are always available and have been validated by multiple independent third parties.

Headquartered in Milford, CT, with seven geographically distributed technical operations centers and three redundant datacenters, Perimeter's secure network services are validated by TruSecure and guaranteed for current and future regulatory compliance.

With mentors Justin Riek, Ken Brayton and all of the team members, I think I found another home in the office.

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