Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well it is another great day for adventure riders like me, slick pavements, good knobbies, 180kph wind gust plus very heavy rain (when I meant heavy I meant the same feeling like getting hit by a Tokyo Marui air-soft gun). Yes it is one of the four cyclones that have been felt by my part of the city, were Marikina river rises but at a tolerable level and out goes the rain gear. As for me, cold got me, what’s new, I ain’t no superman. Good news is it is leaving to Taiwan before weekend, so i get to go trailing on my planned schedule to Mt. Maarat and sure hope to see my mentors in off-road riding, the FSG (Famous Saturday Group), now you know why we love weekends.

Bye Igme (well that’s the name you’ll get if you’re a storm here in the Philippines)

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