Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Dagger to Motorcyclists

Well it can't get any suckier than this, another guidelines without study and approval from the motorcycle community? Well most of the time it really sucks here in this country, but you have to suck it up, because THEY are the only one's that are right for them, you have to admire the brains of this.. you know.

LTO issues new guidelines for motorcycle riders

By: Jun Icban-Legaspi

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) has issued amended guidelines in the operations of motorcycles on roads and highways for the safety the public in general.

The official administrative order issued by Assistant Secretary and LTO Chief Alberto Suansing stressed that the license with restriction Code No. “1” shall be carried by the driver/rider of the motorcycle or scooter at all times.

Other guidelines recommended by the technical working committee headed by Engineer Joel Donato, chief of the LTO-Motor Vehicles Inspection Section said the driver shall anytime of the day; switch on the headlight of the motorcycle or scooter while it is being operated on the highway.

“’Yung automatic head on sa mga motorcycle at scooter world rules ito,” Suansing said.

Suansing said the driver should be apprehended if they would not wear any protective devices such as helmet, goggles, protective clothing, and leather boots, gloves and rain suits, heavy jackets, heavy pants.

“’Yung boots at ibang heavy devices sa mga big bikes applicable ’yun. Gusto kong ding sabihin na ’yung rules na sinasabi namin dito ay applicable rin doon sa kanilang mga back riders,” Suansing said.

For his part Donato said the LTO-MVIS is also discouraging the motorcycle owner to modify their motorcycle or scooter.

Donato added that in the interest of public safety the LTO has also increased the fines and penalties for those who would violate the rules and regulations.

Donato said those drivers and back riders who fail to wear prescribed helmet will be fined P1,500 plus attending seminar for traffic safety to be conducted by LTO.

For carrying more passenger other than the back rider or cargo, a penalty of P1,000.

For defective accessories such as headlight, tail light, signal light, brake light, side mirror and horn a fine of P1,000 for the violators.

For modifying any part of the original design of a motorcycle or scooter without approval of LTO and the DTI a fine of P2,000.

Lastly for wearing flip flop, sandals, or slippers fine of P500 for the first offense, P700 for the 2nd offense and P1,000 for the 3rd offense and revocation of driver’s license.

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