Monday, October 6, 2008

Kimbo Slice, Knocked Out...

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson made his way as a YouTube sensation, beating other street fighters to the guts or coma hehe (for more informationa about Kimbo, just check out this blog right here, "Brutons' " Its the lighter side...). Kimbo was one of the most anticipated participant in MMA because many have said that is ruthless and uncontrolled style of brawling may not work with MMA specially against a composed opponent. He was unbeaten in four fights from his debut to MMA until Oct 4, 2008. The tauting, trash-talking skull breaker turned into a laughingstock as an MMA fighter in just a matter of seconds knocked him out. He was bound to fight an MMA legend, Ken Shamrock, but had to withdraw due to injuries at a warm up sparring.

"Seth Petruzelli, a fill-in for Ken Shamrock, pummels Slice for a first-round knockout in their EliteXC bout." - AOL headline.

- That says it all, 14 seconds in the first round, a punch, a follow up and a stopage. For Seth Petruzelli, this is like a cinderella story, from Ultimate Fighter to EliteXC star, like what he said, "I'm not used to this much attention" - from MMAJunkie.

The next thing you may want to look out for is if Kimbo decides to train more and have a rematch and the have more determination to trail to fight rather than to brawl, he's training with Bas Rutten, that's Bas Rutten, it is impossible for Kimbo not to learn.

Oh yeah, here is the video of the fight from MMARoot.

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