Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Mondays suck...

Well there are tons of reasons when you collect all the reasons every brain has for the "Why Mondays Suck?", but I do have a few of my own.

Just by the sound of the name, "Monday" ... ewwww yuck, why can't it be like another name, like lazyboyday, or lazyday, or after sunday-day whew.

It's hard to get off from the bed and go to work or school, usually, when it is Monday, you feel feverish and the bed has some hypnotic power or a magnet that does not allow you to get away from it. When this happens, it is either you make a call that you are sick, or just keep everything wingin' until you get something right.

Traffic, yeah traffic, heavy and irritating. For some reasons when it is Monday, specially raining Mondays, some people gets stupid, causing all cost of troubles on the road and making everybody behind them late for work.

Monday Mentality, yeah, this is usually the start of a work week, so you really have to suck it in for another 4 days doing the same sheeeet on a different day.

Negativity, even though you have to be optimist, you cannot.

Work Load, just from how it was called, LOAD, well because not going to the office for 2 days, you will get twice as much load on Monday, plus you get to finish them same amount of time on regular days.

The only thing good in this Monday is that I get to see my wife later and then come Friday, payday, BUT FRIDAY IS TOO CLOSE TO MONDAY... I may get to hate it too.

I tried Googling this thought out and I found another blogger that has the same thought on Monday like I do. Justin's Blog.

Going further in the day... and my coccyx starting to hurt again, then thought about getting an ink right there, to commemorate my tailbone being broken at one point, but then the idea can make my wife nuts but she had a tongue stud that I agreed on :) These links right here helped me today by killing at least 10-15 minutes, great work I may say... "Can we see your tongue stud" and the ever alluring "The HoteWife confessions".

So yeah, I sure hope to get everything running today and looking forward to a good, WET Tuesday...

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