Sunday, October 5, 2008


Work On Rest Day

The title says it all, rest + work = twice the pay for the day :)

I needed the money for one good reason, still trying to earn more to keep up with life and all its challenges, plus I get to spend a whole shift doing things aside from taking in calls. Money can go to be for different reasons like the ff:

Family - I needed this because I am the current bread winner, don't ask, it's a Filipino Custom.

My family - Well this will be for me and my fiance, and its not called fiance if it is not family right.

My niece - I'm a first-time uncle, so she is like my own kid, plus I get to make sure I'm physically clean every time.

Myself - I'm still planning to get a Mt. Bike after getting a road bike for my dad. I came across some resources online and spent at least 1 hour on each site because I still have nothing to do.

Kent's Bike from BlogSpot


Bike Blog
- They featured a Yeti with the signature loop that may be most useful for me.

...and some minutes on the ones below.

Cycler's Life

Rural Pinoy
- A fresh Filipino bike blog from Pinoy MT Bikers.

And a cool article on a Trek Bike Vending Machine...

As off today, one of my former team mate Essa a.k.a Kaikai will be quitting work and may be off to a better, greener... you know. Anyway, good luck where ever you will be. Some dose of creativity from our QA peeps Sherlie and Ruthie, well for some reason their names should rhyme, maybe because they both needed for the same reason, so having a name that sounds a like may be appropriate for the job... and not to forget the blog that has my picture on it, Curlie's; he's not a QA but we just got used to calling him that way, but he now has a straight hair.

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sherliez said...

thanks for the links hehhe..... just don't forget about us when you get rich hehe..ciao!!!