Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight

Christian Bale

Heath Ledger

Directed By:

Christopher Nolan

Produced By:

Emma Thomas
Charles Roven
Larry J. Franco

Well it all started with the Batman Begins movie 3 years ago that somehow, personally is 2nd to the best Batman version I have seen. The movie grossed around $372 million worldwide that kicked off from a $48 million in its first week, with tons of praises from IMdB. Great cast, great effects, great acting and great screenplay, so apparently a 2nd Batman movie was one of the most anticipated movie ever since.

After 3 years and the death of Heath Ledger, Dark Knight was released and a lot of Batman fans rushed to have the FIRST look at the movie. Personally I did not bother seeing the movie in its first week, since the cinema could still be crowded, and yes, most reserved seats are taken when I’m most convenient. But still I was able to see SOME parts of the movie and glad enough to say that The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie so far. The film was had a budget of $180 million and is on a $193 million rampage on its first week, too bad that Heath was not even able to see the movie or even heard the praises for good acting, but wherever he might be, THANKS for being a great part of the movie industry.

I was supposed to give out some great scenes on the movie but for the sake of those who have not seen the movie yet, it is best to see the movie in the theatre than on a you PC or TV regardless if it is HD or not (just a personal thought). Very great movie overall, it was worth the wait and the anticipation, here are some pictures to tunger on, thanks to BatBlog for a Joker shot.

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