Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay, I have been on my dirt bike for sometime now and planning to get into racing, but to understand the physics, I may have to go back to the BASICs.

The feel of riding a bike is almost the same when you're on pave or off road, but to fully get the flexibility and agility off the road, I must use a hard trail, I'm not that new to the Mt. Bikes since I used and stopped using one since college. I was looking around sites and stores, and have come up with a list. It is not the A list but top of the line when it comes to Price and durability (as per other users). I sure hope to narrow down the list as September closes in, it's a personal Birthday gift to get fit too, I need to shred 30 lbs before March 09.

The order of the bikes are as how i ranked them with my budget and choice of ride.

1. Trek Elite 9.8

2. GT Zaskar Pro

3. Specialized Hardrock Comp

4. Giant Strata

5. DiamondBack Overdrive

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