Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Setting up your Linksys router on a DSL connection


Launch your Internet Explorer, Netscape or your Mozilla.

On the Address, Search or URL, type:, then hit Enter/Return. A login screen will appear. Type admin for the password and leave the username blank or empty then hit “OK”.

Note: If it doesn’t take admin as the password you might have changed it when you have ran the RUN ME FIRST CD that came with the router so try other passwords.

If you cannot remember the password, you have to reset the router and, reconfigure it again. Next time, remember the password to avoid unnecessary reset and reconfiguration.

To reset the router to factory default
1] Press and hold the reset button for 30 sec., after that
2] Unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for another 30 sec.
3] Then, plug back the power keep holding down the reset button for 30sec., after that
4] Release the reset button.

Under the SETUP Page set the following:

WAN/Internet Connection/Configuration Type, click on the drop down arrow beside Obtain IP address automatically or Automatic Configuration-DHCP, then select PPPoE.
It will prompt a Username and Password field. Enter the Username and Password you and you’re ISP configured or the username that you use to sign-on if you are directly connected to the modem.

Username: 123abc / /
Password: 123abc

Then Select: “Keep alive, redial period 30 sec.” Then hit Apply or Save Settings.

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