Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's wet outside

Motorcyclist(s) vs Frank, a 195 kph wind-speeded storm, it’s a great day to sleep this one out, but for us motorcyclist, its all challenge and adventure going home from work.

It has been almost a year after I felt the last storm hitting the city, and here goes Frank, another tropical cyclone hitting the metro with signal no.3 at exactly 5:00 am June 22, 2008.

On the way to the office it was misting, so fine that my helmet visor needs constant whipping, Armor –All did not help in preventing the visor fogging. To add up to that, the 180 kph wind gust can even move me out of balance, provided that I’m a 200lbs dude and my bike is at most 98 kilograms. Can’t wait to go home and find out what’s new outside, since my buddy won’t be able to try the typhoon out for a race, too risky for a dawn ride with all lights out from what we see here in the office. Reports even came in that trees have been blown down on the way here from Bulacan.

So to all riders from Motorcycle Philippines, or all over the metro, take extra care out there, safety first, if you can’t ride the winds, stay home or get a cab; but if you wkill ride it out, All The Gear All The Time will keep you safe, a red Toyota just got wasted right on the parking lot.

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