Thursday, July 17, 2008

On blood and oil

On blood and oil

Okay today, I just had a flat out, riding on an 8 lane high-way, haha, something new.

After the rear was flat, I walked like 2 city blocks dragging my bike along with my gear before I got a repair shop on sight. Okay, upon getting there, the dude said right away “Sir we don’t have anything to remove them kind of tires”. So I said I’d be the one taking the tires off, I have the tool.

Okay, so removed then fixed. So I waited like 30 minutes under the straight 12nn sun and have to sit on a rock beside a nasty smelling creek, nice. Anyway, moving on, the tire was fixed, it was a pinch hole not that bad. Then m about to get the tire in then it snapped out of my hand and the sprocket and the chain guide sandwiched my pointer, hehe bloody mess, the entire sprocket tooth was completely inside my finger, creepy, i cannot even get a photo of the bloody mess.

But good thing, bike was in good shape and the day was ended with a great “Wanted” movie with the one.

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