Thursday, July 17, 2008

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

My dad just went through one of the worst services with regard to his medical benefits from the company that I am working for.

Okay so after 4 years this is the first time we used Prudential Life for our so called medical partner and somehow not too happy about it. So my dad went to World Citi Medical Center where his physician is and was since we used MedicardMedicard counter (anytime of the day) present your card, after around 3 minutes, you go the receipt and a referral to a doctor of your choice, you do it until your limit, no problem about it. Then comes Prudential life, not a week after it was issued, a lot of complaints came in about the service that when this is used on hospitals, you are like treated as a low-life, non-paying what-so-ever (sorry about that), imagine, my dad fasted since 9pm, was in the hospital 8:30am and then someone named Irene (a representative of Prudential life) said that they only honour Pudential Life card holders from 2:30 PM onwards but let my dad wait until it was 9:30 to let him and others in line know, what if you’re dying? Well I guess you can’t talk to God to give you at least until 2:30 PM. Maybe that’s why they got a dirty finger from another patient. Imagine, then letting you wait then telling you that you have to wait more because the forgot to tell you to wait, c’mon!!! in the office. The usual routine was, go to the

Hopefully the year won’t end with us using prudential life, but at least March, we’ll have a diff company, hopefully not them again.

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