Thursday, July 17, 2008

MRA Race Track

MRA Race Track was like on the better race tracks here in my area, compact, well placed jumps, steep inclines, high turns, good stutters and a fresh location. The reason why I posted the MX tips yesterday is that I just came from MRA race track and somehow shocked about what I saw.

On the entrance of the track, you will see high bushes, not that high, but enough for you to look for a track, it’s almost like trailing fresh mountains and hills, wherein the road is corroded but heavy rains and all that’s left are rocks and deep ruts on the road. My favourite turn was eaten by grass, a little slippery but doable. All the high jump faces were unmake-able, because on the feet of the jump is a river (well not a river, but a bike length of running water), it really is like trailing.

So further on the track is the turn before the stutters, well you will know it is a turn when you’ve been there, but if not, it is just a puddle of peg-deep mud, I know, because got soaked, I mean dipped. A part of the stutter was erased from the track, but a part of it is still good, and right after the stutter is a good jump. So what m I to do, well I enjoyed the time instead of despairing, I made my own way, did a couple of laps and did some more. The steep incline and decline was still there, but even more challenging, deep ruts were formed, rocks erode as you twist your throttle up, good thing is there are no more goats around to spoil the day.

Anyway, overall it was a fun filled day, so i sure hope the track gets developed again and more people will visit the place.

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