Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pure rainy fun

Pure rainy fun

Okay i was just saying how excited i was to go home and try the storm out, and hey, the waiting paid off. Geared up on my rain gear, pre-heated the bike, and off i go.

The rain was hard enough, but the wind was another story, the Marikina river (RiverBanks area) somehow overflowed and somehow cars lined up to let the water go down, u-bones stayed under the bridge and the gust is just merciless i even saw a bike go down on one gusty spot on the overpass. Flood is but natural in the area, since drainage is fast and open, water goes down fast enough, but i can’t wait to go home. The water is not above the front sprocket level, so off i go, throttled then weighed the bike on the rear, passed the flood. So what’s the great part? I went back and had another pass wahehehe, but it was great, i haven’t had any trails for 2 weeks, so water on paved is like being off-road again.

I’m looking forward to the way to office and have another adventure until Frank goes away.

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